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Due to customs issues, Nonuttin' t-shirts and lunch kits are not currently available to our United States customers.

Introducing Nonuttin’ t-shirts and lunch kits
to help keep your kids safe
when you can’t be with them.

I Have a Food Allergy…
Please DO NOT Offer Me Any Food

T-shirts and lunch boxes with allergy messages

We created our Nonuttin' t-shirts and lunch kits with a clear allergy message. We realize that our allergic child is most at risk from people offering her food that they don't realize contains what she is allergic to.

Rather than trying to explain this to all people she meets, we have taught her to accept no food. For those parents with a child with multiple allergies, this message covers all of the bases without having to list every food your child is allergic to.

Our child uses the lunch kit every day at school and prefers the t-shirt for special occasions. Both the t-shirt and lunch kit are suitable for:

  • school
  • camp
  • daycare
  • field trips
  • family gatherings
  • Anywhere!

Lunch kit

Quality Thermos® brand lunch kit is fully insulated and has a leak proof lining. The flip open top has a Velcro closure and a handle for carrying.


Each t-shirt is 100% pre-shrunk cotton. We have designed the shirt only in white. While we recognize that this is hard on the parent doing the wash, it was the clearest and brightest way to share the message. Sizes are:

Toddlers – 2, 3, 4

Youth – XS (6-8),   S (10),   M (12)

All shirts fit large and are both wide and long.

Both the t-shirt and the lunch kit are $14.99 each (Canadian) plus shipping.

Currently Unavailable for purchase

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