Frequently Asked Questions
About Nonuttin' Granola Bars

Q: How do you make sure your products are free of the listed allergens?
We are very careful about our incoming ingredients and follow specific steps to be sure that we are labeling accurately for the top 10 food allergens. If you would like to review those policies and our allergen declarations, please see our Allergy Policies and our Allergen Declarations pages.

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Q: Are your chocolate chips and chunks both nut free and dairy free?
Our chocolate chips and chunks are manufactured for us in Canada in a peanut/nut free facility and on a dairy free line.

Q: Why aren't your granola products labelled as gluten free in Canada?
According to current Canadian regulations for food labeling, oats are not allowed to be termed "gluten free" even when they are tested for gluten contamination, as ours are.  This regulation extends to marketing and advertising.  Pure, uncontaminated oats such as those that we use may be referred to as Wheat, Barley and Rye free.  Because of recent advances in the manufacturing and testing of pure oats, this regulation is currently under review.

Q: Are your granola products considered gluten free in the US?
Yes, and you'll see that indicated on all granola bar boxes and cluster labels.  In the US, oats may be considered gluten free as long as they are tested for gluten cross-contamination to 20 ppm (parts per million) using currently accepted methods.  Not only is every batch of the pure oats and pure oat bran we use tested, so is the crisp rice we use.

Q:  Are Nonuttin' products considered natural?
It depends on which country you are located in.  In the USA, all Nonuttin' products are considered natural and you will see that on our American compliant packaging.

In Canada, many of our products are considered natural.  The only ones that aren't are those with flavouring in them.  Following Canadian labeling regulations, any food that has flavour added (even if the flavour is natural, as ours are) it is not considered natural.  Rather than confuse our customers, none of our products are labeled "natural" but instead all say, "No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives."

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Q:  Do you use any Genetically Modified ingredients (GMOs)?
No.  All of our ingredient suppliers have provided us with statements to affirm that the ingredients they use or the seeds they grow are not genetically modified.  Because canola that is not genetically modified can be very difficult to guarantee, the manufacturer who produces our canola oil has the oil tested to be sure it is free of any genetically modified organisms.

Q:  Are your products Kosher?
Yes, Nonuttin' products have been certified Kosher pareve since April 2005 by BC Kosher out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada even if you do not see the symbol on the package. As of April 2007, all Nonuttin' products have the BCK symbol on them

Q: There is chocolate liquor in your chocolate chips. Is this a kind of alcohol?
Chocolate liquor does not have any alcohol in it and does not use alcohol during the process. Chocolate liquor is what is created when the roasted cacao bean is ground. As the grinding breaks down the bean, cocoa butter is released and begins to melt, creating the chocolate liquor. All chocolate (except white) has chocolate liquor in it in varying amounts with darker chocolate having more than milk chocolate. It is what gives chocolate the flavour we've come to know and love.

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Q:  What is the shelf life of your products?
All Nonuttin' products have a best before date indicated on the package.  When kept at room temperature and out of direct light and heat Nonuttin' products have the following shelf life from the date of manufacture and prior to opening:
Nonuttin' granola bars – 6 months
Nonuttin' granola clusters – 9 months
Nonuttin' trail mixes – 12 months
Nonuttin' cherry fruit chips – 12 months
Nonuttin' chocolate chips – 12 months
Nonuttin' chocolate chunks – 12 months
Nonuttin' sulfite free dried apples – 12 months

After these periods, the products may be dry, stale tasting and not as visually appealing although they will not be harmful.  Many of our products are suitable for stocking in emergency kits for homes, schools and offices.

Q:  Can your products be frozen?
Yes, all of the products can be frozen although you may find the granola bars and granola clusters not as chewy after thawing.

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Q:  Do you have sugar in your products?
Yes.  We use brown sugar and rice syrup as sweeteners.  In addition, some of our ingredients contain sugar.

Q:  Are your products vegan friendly?
A:  Yes.  We have no animal by-products in our products, including honey or gelatin.  This makes them a tasty snack or baking ingredient for most vegans.  Strict vegans need to be aware that the sugar in Nonuttin' products is sugar cane based.

Q: Can I eat Nonuttin' Granola Bars if I'm diabetic?
Most definitely! The Canadian Diabetes Association does not recommend cutting out specific foods. Nonuttin' Granola Bars have also been reviewed by a registered dietician. She has indicated that diabetic or hypoglycemic individuals can certainly make our bars part of their diet and that the healthy fats, protein and whole grains included in the bars will slow down the absorption of sugars.

In terms of sugar, all varieties of Nonuttin' Granola Bars have less than 2/3 the sugar in a medium apple. The carbohydrate count of the bars is equal to that of a medium apple.

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Q: Where can I purchase Nonuttin' products?
We sell our Nonuttin' products directly through our online store and through retailers in Canada (US coming soon).  If you're purchasing at a store, please note that the store may not carry all Nonuttin' products.

If you'd like to have your local store carry more variety of Nonuttin' products, speaking to the store manager may help.

Q: How do I get retailers to carry Nonuttin' Granola Bars in my area?
Retailers will carry a product if they believe that there will be a demand for it. Print off our store request form to take to your local store manager.   Of course, if your retailer does decide to stock Nonuttin’ products, don’t forget to buy some!

Q: Can I buy wholesale from Nonuttin' Foods?
Yes, we sell directly to stores, schools, and camps in the US and Canada.  Please call us toll-free at: 1-866-714-5411 or contact for information on purchasing.

The only exception to our direct sales is on Vancouver Island, where we are located.  Our distributor, RLH Sales, takes care of our local wholesale customers.  Please contact us for further details if you are a wholesale client located on Vancouver Island.

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