Helpful Hints and Support
for Those Living with Serious Allergies

Nonuttin’ Foods was formed because our daughter has life-threatening allergies to peanut, almond and kiwi. We know how imperative it is to stay on top of the latest information and talk with other parents dealing with the same issues. While we could write a page of supportive information ourselves, the following helpful hints were sent to us from our customers.

Nonuttin bars, safe for your allergic child

Send us a helpful hint of your own. If we use it in our enewsletter or here on this page, we’ll send you a free box of Nonuttin’ Granola Bars and an allergy message t-shirt or lunch kit to you just to say, “Thanks!”

My 3 year old son has anaphylaxis to peanuts and nuts and when he was officially diagnosed I scoured my workplace ( Surrey Public Library) for literature and books to educate myself and answer my millions of questions.  On my quest I came across a great book called "What your doctor may not tell you about children's allergies and asthma: simple steps to help stop attacks and improve your child's health" by Paul Ehrlich and Larry Chiaramonte.  I loved the layman's terms the doctors used and all the personal accounts and stories they shared.”  Marnie Miller, Surrey, BC

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“My seven year old is severely allergic to peanuts, nuts and eggs. Our main goal at school is to avoid as many risks as possible. The school has implemented a nut-free policy and every fall information is sent home to the parents explaining the seriousness of the allergy and outlining options for a peanut and nut free lunch. I like to visit the classroom in the fall and give a presentation to the class. I used a cartoon video (available from my local health nurse) as well as a storybook about a child who had severe allergies. My son's grade two class this year responded wonderfully. They had questions and genuine concern for my son. I believe that if the other students advocate to keep an allergic child safe, the child really is in a safer place. Combined with the other measures that the school has implemented, I have had more peace of mind than I thought possible with a severely allergic child.” Kyla Walker, Yorkton, SK

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“So now, on to my tip for helping keep her "SAFE" at school. I send a pretty placemat which she uses daily at her lunch area.

This way, her 'area' stays clean and I don't have to worry about anything that may have been on the table prior to her sitting there. I let her pick her own, (you know the kind you buy from a souvenir shop)

Her friends think it's cool when she has 'flowers' from Stanley Park, or the 'Sleeping Giant' from Thunder Bay.  It's like travelling on vacation at lunchtime.

You can even get personalized placemats with anything you want printed on them.” Rhonda Temple, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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“Since the age of 1, my eldest daughter has been allergic to eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. Her school is fairly good with a no-nut policy, however as you know, that is no guarantee there are no nuts coming in to school. Unfortunately, some teachers think that exposure to eggs can not be life threatening - which presents somewhat of a challenge.

In any event, since Lillian started school, I have had frank discussions with the teacher and said to them that I will provide all the snacks for all the special events. I also give the teacher a big bag of special treats for Lillian if a parent does bring something in for the class unannounced - that way Lillian does get something special.

Doing this allows me to control what goes in on those special days, and my daughter can feel like the rest of the kids. It has gone so well that teachers receiving Lillian for the next year expect this to continue. I do not make elaborate treats, however I do my best to make them look as tempting as possible with decorations/shapes, icing colors, cupcake papers and picks.” Andrea McDonald, Ottawa, Ontario

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