Allergen / Intolerance

*Allergen/Intolerance policy:  Nonuttin’ Foods Inc. was created by the mother of a food allergic child.  You can be assured that we take all reasonable steps to ensure that our products are correctly and consistently labeled for the 10 top food allergens and gluten.

Specifically, we:

  1. Have all suppliers of ingredients provide allergen statements in writing for at least the top 10 common allergens and gluten.  Declarations include what is in their product (including traces), what is manufactured on the same line and what is present in their facility.  We then confirm our suppliers’ declarations every 3 months.
  2. Use a thorough check system when receiving all raw ingredients.  Any products that do not pass this check are not allowed into the manufacturing area and are refused.
  3. Manufacture and/or package all of our products in our facility where we can control production and packaging. 
  4. Have had tests completed by an independent lab to make certain that our bars are free of peanut.
  5. Have as terms of our employment contract with all of our employees that: a) No employee may bring any substances containing peanuts or tree nuts into our facility, including the staff lunch room; and b) No employee may consume any substances containing peanuts or tree nuts prior to coming to work in our facility.
  6. Train all staff to understand the severity of all food allergies.
  7. Always indicate what common allergens our bars may contain, either from the original raw materials or from our manufacturing processes.
  8. Use only medical grade nitrile gloves for food handling, not latex.

We are feeding our product to our own child;
we will not accept any supplies that we believe
put her, or you, at risk.

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quality products free of nuts, dairy, and other important allergens

If you have questions about these policies or any other allergens not outlined above, please feel free to CONTACT US. We want you to feel secure eating or feeding your family Nonuttin' Granola Bars

Our premises have been approved by the British Columbia Provincial Government Health Department and all food facility workers have successfully completed the Provincial Foodsafe program.

Nonuttin' Foods Inc. follows all Canadian Food Manufacturing Guidelines and is listed as a food manufacturer with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

The University of British Columbia was involved in the development of our bars, conducting laboratory tests to create an exemplary product with a shelf life of at least six months under normal conditions. Quality assurance procedures are done on an ongoing basis to ensure that you consistently receive snacks and ingredients that are a safe, tasty, and healthy for your family

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