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Allergy Aids Companies

Allergic Living
Allergic Living is a magazine dedicated to those living with allergies.  Currently published in Canada only but planning expansion into the US for Spring 2007.

Allergy aware products designed to make allergy kids stand out with the goal of creating a recognized international symbol.

Bright products to keep allergic kids safe including lunch kits, wrist tags and more.

Food Allergy Kitchen
A cookbook and enewsletter for those dealing with multiple food allergies.

MedicAlert provides emergency medical information services linked to customized bracelets and necklaces for those with medical conditions and special needs.
This unique carrying case is for people who suffer from Anaphylaxis type allergies and asthma.  The cases are designed to hold emergency medical supplies.

Allergy Translation
A Canadian company that creates pocket size translation cards for those travelling to foreign countries with multiple copies downloaded for your use.

Peanut Aware
A handbook and site for those living with peanut allergies.
This site promotes products such as air cleaners, respiratory aids, bedding and much more, for people with allergies and asthma.

This site promotes a discreet carrier for personal medical gear.  The pouch can carry the Epipen, Twinject or Anapen.

No Nuts! Posters
These peanut aware posters are for schools, child care centres and cafeterias.  Also has links for people with allergies.

Quorum Allergy Care
This company has a wide selection of preventative healthcare products.

All Star Sales
Allergy products from Twinject carriers to waterproof holders.

KozyEpi- Epi-Pen & Puffer Pouches
Auto injector and medication holders for those who would like something more stylish.
Fun and fashionable allergy aware clothing for children.

Zoni Inc
This company has designed a discreet carrying case for people that need to carry their emergency auto injectors at all times.

Food Allergy Cookbook
Are you allergic to milk, eggs and nuts?  This recipe book offers more than 145 recipes for people with food allergies

Safety Sack
This site provides a nylon stand up pouch designed to hold medication for people with severe allergies or other medical conditions.

Allergy Free Passport Book
Products to help you eat out both locally and internationally by knowing what to look for and the right questions to ask.

@Risk Rescue
A one stop Medical Crisis Response System to store all medication and relevant medical information for one or several people in school or office settings.  Well suited to schools as it is also transportable for field trips.


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